Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Our consultancy services 

Powder X-ray Diffractometer Single Crystal X-RAY Diffractometer AC & DC Conductivity Setup
RF & DC Sputtering unit Differential Scanning Calorimeter TGA/DTA Analyzer
FTIR Spectrometer Thin Film Caoting Unit UV Vis Spectrophotometer
UV VIS IR Spectrophotometer IR Spectrofluorimeter  Electrospinning Unit
Fluorescence Decay measurement- Time resolved Fluoromax Fluorimeter TGA DTA (Thermogravimetric Analyzer) Table Top XRAY Diffractometer


AC & DC conductivity measurement set up ( Two probe and Four probe)

NIR Spectrofluorimeter- Fluorescence spectra up to 3500 nm

Electrospinning unit

DC & RF Sputtering Unit

Thin Film Coating Unit

Crystal Cutter

Advanced fluorescence Microscope

UV Vis spectrophotometer 200nm to 900 (for liquids and Glass)

High Temperature Programmable furnace (temperature up to 1600 Deg c)