Research Scholars

Name Supervisor(s) Research Area
Manju Gopinath


Dr. N. V. Unnikrishnan ORMOSILs
Sanu Mathew Simon



Dr. Cyriac Joseph


Self-Cleaning Materials




Saritha K Jose

(Part-Time Thesis Submitted)


Dr. P R Biju


Polymer-Glassy systems


Anns George




Dr. P R Biju


Phosphor Materials


Remya Mohan P

(Part-Time- Thesis Submitted)

Dr. P R Biju Phosphor Materials
Subash Gopi



Dr. Cyriac Joseph


Glassy Materials


Sisira S


Thesis Submitted


Dr. Cyriac Joseph Crystalline Materials


Kukku Thomas


Thesis submitted

Dr. Cyriac Joseph Crystalline Materials
Rani George


Dr. C.Sudarsanakumar Synthesis and Characterization of rare earth doped phosphor materials
Parvathy Dr Nandakumar Kalarikkal Laser Plasma

Rose Maria Mathew

Dr. K Indulekha Astrophysics
Swetha I Dr. K Indulekha Astrophysics
Rajalakshmi T R Dr. K Indulekha Astrophysics
Anusree K G Dr. K Indulekha Astrophysics
Adon Jose Dr P R Biju Synthesis and Luminescence Kinetics of Rare Earth MetalĀ  doped Glassy matrices
Aparna Raj Dr. C.Sudarsanakumar Development of Nanosensors and Biosensors for sensor applications
Vidya L Dr. C.Sudarsanakumar Interaction of functionalized organic Ligands with Proteins
Jisha Elsa Abraham Dr. Saritha A C Investigations on the behaviour of pure and doped ZnO Thin films
Anjana S Nair Dr. Saritha A C Deposition of doped metal oxide Thin films and its Optoelectronic applications
Keerthana C S Dr. Saritha A C Preparation and characterization of TCO thin films for Optoelectronic applications
Krishnapriya T Dr. P R Biju Synthesis and characterisation of Rare -Earth doped inorganicĀ  Phospors for Optoelectronic applications
Reshma Ravi Dr K Induelkha Experimental studies with cold atoms
Neelima S Dr. C Sudarsanakumar Electrospun nanocellulose and silver sulfadiazine/nanohydroxyapatite fibers for wound healing and sensing applications.
Nideesh P K Dr. Nandakumar Kalarikkal Engineered metal/metal oxide nanoclusters in two dimensional matrices for random lasing and nonlinear optical applications

Post Doctoral Fellows

Photo Name Supervisor(s) Research Area
Dr. Subin Thomas(Post-doctoral fellow) Dr. C.Sudarsanakumar Nanomaterial based environmental and biological sensors
Dr. Rajeev R Prabhu

KSCSTE Post Doctroal Fellow

Dr Saritha A C Multifunctional Semiconductor nano-heterostructures