Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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The School of Pure and Applied Physics (formerly the Material Science department) is one of the departments that started along with the establishment of the Mahatma Gandhi University in 1983. Currently, the department is one of the premier research departments across various universities in India. The school comprises more than 35 researchers covering a wide area of research including biophysics, astrophysics, advanced materials, solar physics, optoelectronics, photonics and crystalline materials, sol-gel optics, ultrafast, and attosecond Science. 

The school has trained 39 batches of M. Sc. and 35 batches of M. Phil. students. More than 110 students have been awarded their Ph.D. degrees from this school.  The school has been nationally recognized through the UGC: SAP-DRS Phase I, Phase II, and DST –FIST programs. We have published more than 1000 original research publications in international journals. The school has conducted a number of national seminars and arranged refresher courses for college teachers. Many of our alumni who had been awarded international fellowships are now working in premier institutions in India, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan.

Our Vision

  • The Philosophy of Nature – for the Good of All

Our Mission

  • To expand the frontiers of knowledge through research in Physics
  • To train an intellectual workforce for the development needs of the Nation
  • To develop the fruits of research into practically useful innovations
  • To enhance the scientific temper of the public through awareness of Physics

Upcoming Events

   THANU PADMANABHAN MEMORIAL Lecture by  Dr Ajith Parameswaran

Challenges of modern cosmology:     Discussion Panel – 18 January 2024 – Online