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Prof. (Dr.) Nandakumar Kalarikkal

Director & Chair

Tel: +91 (0) 9447671962
E-mail: nkkalarikkal@mgu.ac.in

Areas of Research: Nanostructured materials & Applications, Laser Plasma, Non-linear optics, Phase transitions, Condensed matter theoretical simulations

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Prof. (Dr.) C. Sudarsana Kumar


Tel: +91 (0) 9447141561
E-mail: c.sudarsan.mgu@gmail.com

Areas of Research: Biomolecules: Structure, interactions & applications


Prof. (Dr.) K. Indulekha


Tel: +91 (0) 9544901257
E-mail: kindulekha@gmail.com

Areas of Research: Galactic and stellar cluster dynamics, High energy astronomy, Stellar clusters, Fundamental relations in astronomy, Read more…

Dr. P. R. Biju

Associate Professor

Tel: +91 (0) 9446316179
E-mail: prbiju12@gmail.com

Areas of Research: Photonic materials


Dr. Cyriac Joseph

Associate Professor

Tel: +91 (0) 9447000537
E-mail: cyriacjoseph@mgu.ac.in

Areas of Research: Crystalline Materials

Dr. S. Antony

Assistant Professor

Tel: +91 (0) 9387847177
E-mail: antonys@mgu.ac.in

Areas of Research: Solar physics, Theoretical physics Read More..


Dr. Saritha A.C

Assistant Professor

Tel: +91 (0) 9495321546
E-mail: sarithaac@gmail.com

Areas of Research: Thin-film, Solar cells Read more…


Dr. Smijesh N.

Assistant Professor

Room No. G-8

Tel: +91 (0) 9946326883
E-mail: smijeshn@mgu.ac.in

Areas of Research: Ultrafast and Attosecond Science


Prof. (Dr.).N. V.Unnikrishnan

Visiting Professor

Tel: +91 (0) 469-2619085, +91 (0) 9745047850
E-mail: nvu100@yahoo.com

Areas of Research: Sol-gel optics, Laser spectroscopy,
Nanomaterials, Nonlinear optics,

Dr. Moncy V. John

Visiting Professor

Tel: +91 (0) 9447059964
E-mail: moncyjohn@yahoo.co.uk

Areas of Research: Theoretical physics, Cosmology
Foundations of quantum mechanics