Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Areas of Research- Theoretical Physics

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Research Guide:  Dr. Antony S

Research Areas: Theoretical Physics

  • Plasma Physics
  • Solar Physics,
  • Space Dynamics
  • Mathematical Physics,
  • Quantum Mechanics

  • Plasma Physics: Plasma is considered the fourth state of matter, which a collection of quasi-neutral particles. 99 % of our Universe is plasma and it is heavily exploited for industrial and domestic devices. Also, fusion research becomes one of the long-standing quests for clean energy sources which are under taken universally and our Country is not far behind in this goal. The study of plasma can be done in several ways, but mainly it is classified into two categories and are Kinetic Theory and Fluid Theory Approach. Kinetic theory is that modeling the plasma particles with density function and solving it for the suitable environment while the Fluid theory considers it as a fluid. We are using the second approach for our study to which we consider the plasma a Magnetohydrodynamic fluid. Here we analyze the Momentum Equation and Continuity equation for the environment to which we want to analyze, mostly the study Astrophysical plasmas.
  • Solar Physics

Research Area: Theoretical High Energy Physics

Research Guide: Dr Renjan Rajan John

1) Conformal Field Theories

2) Scattering Amplitudes Program

3) Supersymmetric Gauge Theories

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