Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Areas of Research- Crystalline Materials

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Research Guide: Dr Cyriac Joseph

Research Areas : 

  • Crystal Growth & characterization
  • Nanocrystals

The Crystalline materials research group started by Prof. M A Ittyachen, has done considerable work on the growth of high quality organic and inorganic single crystals and its characterization and study of physical properties. The group was successful in the growth of a number of technologically important crystals of rare earth oxalates, molybdates, selenites, etc. Currently, the group is focusing on the synthesis and characterization of rare earth based single and nano crystals.

The magnetic and luminescent properties of rare earth based compounds make them technologically important which prompted the development of a series of new materials based on rare earths having applications in almost all the fields of modern technology. A number of rare earth based single crystals in the oxalate, oxide, phosphate and molybdate forms have been synthesized employing solution method, hydrosilica gel method, co-precipitation method, microwave assisted method, etc. Synthesis of different forms of nanostructures is also undertaken in search of enhancement of performance.

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