Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Areas of Research – Astrophysics

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Research Guide: Dr Induleka K

Research Areas: 

  • Galactic and Stellar Cluster Dynamics
  • High Energy Astronomy
  • Stellar Clusters
  • Fundamental Relations in Astronomy

The formation of bound clusters in the galaxy is a puzzle since the star formation efficiency is too small to support the formation of bound clusters. Recently Dr K Indulekha completed an analysis on the physics involved that might resolve the puzzle. Equipartition of energy between stars and brown dwarfs and between the stars and gas via gas dynamical friction were the processes investigated by using analytical approximations as well as using a Langevin equation approach. The group does work in X-ray astronomy in collaboration with the Raman Research Institute and has the discovery of QPO’s in several pulsars to its credit. Collaborative work with the Inter University Center for Astronomy &amp; Astrophysics in data analysis techniques in optical astronomy has led to the development of soft ware packages that are being used in several international observational efforts. The implications of various models for the formation of bound Clusters on fundamental relations in Astronomy is being explored. Contributions in science development are underway to multinational telescopes TMT and SKA.

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