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List of Publications 2018

  1. Supramolecular framework of conjugated nitro-alkenes: Crystallographic and hirshfeldsurface scan
    M. Joy, N. Joseph, V. Mary, V. Jose & C. Sudarsanakumar, Journal of Molecular Structure 1173, 964-973 (2018).
  2. Probing the interaction of the phytochemical 6-gingerol from the spice ginger with DNA
    P. Haris, V. Mary & C. Sudarsanakumar, International journal of biological macromolecules 113, 124-131 (2018).
  3. Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Fiber Optic Dopamine Sensor Using BSA- Gold Cluster/Polymer Composites
    D. R. Raj & C. Sudarsanakumar, Advanced Science Letters 24 (8), 5598-5602 (2018).
  4. Calorimetric and Spectroscopic Studies to Monitor the Interaction of L-Cysteine Functionalized Selenium Nanoparticles with Calf Thymus DNA
    R. K. Thomas, S. Prasanth, T. V. Vineeshkumar & C. Sudarsanakumar, Advanced Science Letters 24 (8), 5624-5628 (2018).
  5. Efficient green luminescence of terbium oxalate crystals: A case study with Judd-Ofelttheory and single crystal structure analysis and the effect of dehydration on luminescence
    D. Alexander, M. Joy, K. Thomas, S. Sisira, P. R. Biju, N. V. Unnikrishnan, C. Sudarsanakumar, M. A. Ittyachen & Cyriac Joseph, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 262, 68-78 (2018).
  6. Spectroscopic exploration of interaction between PEG-functionalized Ag2S nanoparticles with bovine serum albumin
    S. Prasanth, D. RitheshRaj, T. V. Vineeshkumar & C. Sudarsanakumar, Chemical Physics Letters 700, 15-21 (2018).
  7. Structural, optical and enhanced power filtering application of PEG capped Zn1-xCoxS quantum dots
    T. V. Vineeshkumar, S. Prasanth, R. Pragash, N. V. Unnikrishnan & C. Sudarsanakumar, AIP Conference Proceedings 1942, 050120 (2018).
  8. Discovery of new class of methoxy carrying isoxazole derivatives as COX-II inhibitors: Investigation of a detailed molecular dynamics study
    M. Joy, A. A. Elrashedy, B. Mathew, A. S. Pillay, A. Mathews, S. Dev, M. E. S Soliman, C. Sudarsanakumar, Journal of Molecular Structure 1157, 19-28 (2018).
  9. Synthesis, structural, optical and thermal properties of N-methyl–N-aryl benzamideorganic single crystals grown by a slow evaporation technique
    P. Prabukanthan, R. Lakshmi, G. Harichandran, C. Sudarsanakumar, Journal of Molecular Structure 1156, 62-73 (2018).
  10. Colorimetric and fiber optic sensing of cysteine using green synthesized gold nanoparticles
    D. R. Raj & C. Sudarsanakumar, Plasmonics 13 (1), 327-334 (2018).
  11. Synthesis and photoluminescence characteristics of near white light emitting CaB2O4: Dy3+, Li+ phosphor
    Remya Mohan, S. K. Jose, A. George, N V. Unnikrishnan, C. Joseph & P. R. Biju, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 119, 166-174 (2018).
  12. A single-phase white light emitting Pr3+doped Ba2CaWO6 phosphor: synthesis, photoluminescence and optical properties
    E. Sreeja, V. Vidyadharan, S. K. Jose, A. George, C. Joseph, N. V. Unnikrishnan & P. R. Biju, Optical Materials 78, 52-62 (2018).
  13. Optical characterization and Judd-Ofelt analysis of Pr3+ions in sol-gel derived  zirconia/polyethylene glycol composite
    S. K. Jose, S. Gopi, V. Thomas, E. Sreeja, C. Joseph, N. V. Unnikrishnan & P. R. Biju, Optical Materials 76, 184-190 (2018).
  14. Luminescence and phonon sideband analysis of Eu3+ doped alkali fluoroborate glasses for red emission applications.SGopi, SK Jose, A George, NV Unnikrishnan, C Joseph, PR Biju, (2018) Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 29 (1), 674-682
  15. Luminescence properties and charge transfer mechanism of host sensitized Ba2CaWO6: Eu3+ phosphorESreeja, S Gopi, V Vidyadharan, PR Mohan, C Joseph, NV Unnikrishnan,, Powder Technology (2018) 323, 445-453
  16. Enhanced resonant nonlinear absorption and optical limiting in Er3+ ions doped multicomponent tellurite glasses.MS Sajna, S Perumbilavil, VP Prakashan, MS Sanu, C Joseph, PR Biju, NVUnnikrishnan. Materials Research Bulletin (2018) 104, 227-235.
  17. Morphological, dielectric, tunable electromagnetic interference shielding and thermal characteristics of multiwalled carbon nanotube incorporated polymer nanocomposites: G George, SM Simon, VP Prakashan, MS Sajna, M Faisal, A Chandran, R Wilson, C Joseph, PR Biju, NV Unnikrishnan.Polymer Composites (2018) 39 (S2), E1169-E1183.
  18. Perceiving impressive optical properties of ternary SiO2-TiO2-ZrO2: Eu3+ sol-gel glasses with high reluctance for concentration quenching: An experimental approach.V P Prakashan, M S Sajna, G Gejo, MS Sanu, PR Biju, J Cyriac, NV Unnikrishnan.Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids (2018) 482, 116-125.
  19. Surface Plasmon Assisted Luminescence Enhancement of Ag NP/NWs-Doped SiO2-TiO2-ZrO2:Eu3+Ternary System.VPPrakashan, MS Sajna, G Gejo, MS Sanu, AC Saritha, PR Biju, J Cyriac, NVUnnikrishnan. Plasmonics,(2018) 1-11.
  20. Green and facile approach to prepare polypropylene/in situ reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites with excellent electromagnetic interference shielding properties. G George, SM Simon, VP Prakashan, MS Sajna, M Faisal, R Wilson, C Joseph, PR Biju, NV Unnirishnan.RSC Advances (2018), 53, 30412-30428.
  21. Optical channel waveguides written by high repetition rate femtosecond laser irradiation in Li–Zn fluoroborate glass, Sunil Thomas T. Toney Fernandez Javier Solis P. R. Biju N. V. Unnikrishnan,  Journal of Optics (2018) 47, 3 .
  22. Structural, optical and dielectric properties of gadolinium incorporated laser ablated ZnO thin films, R Vinodkumar, V Jeena, V Jiji, SK Saji, N V Unnikrishnan.Optik (2018) 174, 274-281.
  23. Surface Plasmon response of silver nanoparticles doped silica synthesised via sol-gel route,  KVArun Kumar, Jini John, TR Sooraj, Shedhal Anu Raj, NV Unnikrishnan, Nivas BabuS elvaraj, Applied Surface Science (2018) 5/29.
  24. Investigations on the reasons for degradation of zinc tin oxide thin film transistor on exposure to air, MR Shijeesh, AC Saritha, MK
    Jayaraj – Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 2018, volume
    74 , 116 -121.
  25. Sisira, Dinu Alexander, Kukku Thomas, P. R. Biju, N. V. Unnikrishnan, and CyriacJoseph, Effect of annealing temperature on the luminescence of Ce1-xPO4: Tbx3+nanocrystals: A novel theoretical model and experimental verification, J Mater Sci (2018) 53:1380–1394
  26. Dinu Alexander, Monu Joy, Kukku Thomas, S. Sisira, P.R. Biju, N.V. Unnikrishnan, C. Sudarsanakumar, M.A. Ittyachen, Cyriac Joseph, Efficient green luminescence of terbium  oxalate crystals: A case study with Judd-Ofelt theory and single crystalstructureanalysis and the effect of dehydration on luminescence , Journal of Solid State      Chemistry, 262 (2018) 68–78
  27. Dinu Alexander, Kukku Thomas, S. Sisira, P.R. Biju, N.V. Unnikrishnan, M.A. Ittyachen,Cyriac Joseph, Synthesis and optical characterization of sub-5 nm Terbium oxalate nanocrystals: A novel intense green emitting phosphor, Dyes and Pigments 148 (2018) 386-393
  28. Kukku Thomas, Dinu Alexander, S. Sisira, SubashGopi, P.R. Biju, N.V. Unnikrishnan,Cyriac Joseph, Energy transfer driven tunable emission of Tb/Eu co-doped lanthanum molybdate nanophosphors , Optical Materials, 80,2018, 37-46.
  29. Multifunctional nitrogen sulfur co-doped reduced graphene oxide–Ag nano hybrids (sphere, cube and wire) for nonlinear optical and SERS applications. AK Nair, KB Bhavitha, S Perumbilavil, P Sankar, D Rouxel, MS Kala, Carbon 132, 380-393
  30. Morphology correlated free volume studies of multi-walled carbon nanotube plasticized poly (vinyl chloride) nanocomposites: Positronium probes and electrical prop…E Francis, L Zhai, HC Kim, R Ramachandran, G Amarendra, GM Balerao, …Polymer 141, 232-243
  31. Reduced graphene oxide wrapped Ag nanostructures for enhanced SERS activity AK Nair, MS Kala, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal AIP Conference Proceedings 1942 (1), 2018,050094
  32. Interface engineered ferrite@ ferroelectric core-shell nanostructures: A facile approach to impart superior magneto-electric coupling AR Abraham, B Raneesh, D Das, OS Oluwafemi, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal, AIP Conference Proceedings 1942 (1),2018, 020002
  33. Tuning of Microstructure in engineered Poly (trimethylene terephthalate) based blends with Nano Inclusion as multifunctional additive L Mathew, P Saha, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas Polymer Testing,68,2018,395-404.
  34. Polyurethane glycolysate from industrial waste recycling to develop low dielectric constant, thermally stable materials suitable for the electronics A Reghunadhan, J Datta, M Jaroszewski, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas Arabian Journal of Chemistry,2018 , in press
  35. Excellent Electromagnetic Interference Shielding and High Electrical conductivity of Compatibilized Polycarbonate/Polypropylene Carbon Nanotube Blend Nanoco… MA Poothanari, J Abraham, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,57,2018,4287-4297.
  36. Dielectric and dye adsorption properties of luminescent-superparamagnetic MFe2O4 (M= Mn, Mg)/reduced graphene oxide composites EHM Sakho, S Thomas, N Kalarikkal, OS OluwafemiCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL 44 (4), 2018,3904-3914
  37. Enhanced antimicrobial performance of cloisite 30B/poly (ε-caprolactone) over cloisite 30B/poly (l-lactic acid) as evidenced by structural features SS Babu, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas, EK RadhakrishnanApplied Clay Science 153, 2018,198-204
  38. Toughness augmentation by fibrillation and yielding in nanostructured blends with recycled polyurethane as a modifier Reghunadhan, J Datta, N Kalarikkal, JT Haponiuk, S Thomas, Applied Surface Science, 442,2018,403-411.
  39. Static and Dynamic Mechanical Characteristics of Ionic Liquid Modified MWCNT-SBR Composites: Theoretical Perspectives for the Nanoscale Reinforcement Mech… J Abraham, J Thomas, N Kalarikkal, SC George, S Thomas The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 22,2018,1525-1536.
  40. Room temperature magnetoelectric coupling effect in CuFe2O4-BaTiO3 core-shell and nanocomposites RM Thankachan, B Raneesh, A Mayeen, S Karthika, S Vivek, SS Nair, … Journal of Alloys and Compounds 731, 2018,288-296
  41. Nitrogen doped graphene–Silver nanowire hybrids: An excellent anode material for lithium ion batteries AK Nair, I Elizabeth, S Gopukumar, S Thomas, MS Kala, N Kalarikkal Applied Surface Science 428, 2018,1119-1129
  42. Plasma and Fusion Science: From Fundamental Research to Technological Applications B Raneesh, N Kalarikkal, J James, AK Nair CRC Press,2018
  43. Preparation, characterization and in vitro study of liposomal curcumin powder by cost effective nanofiber weaving technology S Gopi, A Amalraj, J Jacob, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas, Q GuoNew Journal of Chemistry 42 (7), 2018,5117-5127
  44. Thermoplastic–elastomer composition based on an interpenetrating polymeric network of styrene butadiene rubber–poly (methyl methacrylate) as an efficient vibrati… J James, GV Thomas, KP Pramoda, N Kalarikkal, S Thomas New Journal of Chemistry,42,2018,1939-1941.
  45. Dopamine functionalization of BaTiO 3: an effective strategy for the enhancement of electrical, magnetoelectric and thermal properties of BaTiO 3-PVDF-TrFE nanoc… A Mayeen, MS Kala, MS Jayalakshmy, S Thomas, D Rouxel, J Philip, Dalton Transactions 47 (6),2018, 2039-2051

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