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List of Papers published during 2006-2010


  1. Mammen Samuel, S.Menon, N.V.Unnikrishnan,Electrical conduction processes in as-deposited Indium Pthalocyanine Chloride thin films using gold and Aluminium electrode combination. J.Phys: Cond.Matter 18(2006)135.
  2. Gijo Jose, Amrutha K A, Cyriac Joseph , Toney T F, V Thomas, V. Unnikrishnan, M. A. Ittyachen Structural and Optical Characterisation of Eu3+/CdSe nanocrystal containing Silica Glass. Mat.Chem & Phys. 96(2006)381.
  3. Mammen Samuel, C S Menon and N V Unnikrishnan The influence of oxygen doping on the transport properties of aluminium phthalocyanine chloride Schottky-barrier devices Semicond.Sci.Tech, 21, (2006) 677
  4. Stabilization of the lower hybrid instability excited by longitudinal currents in a multi-ion plasma Chandu Venugopal, M J Kurian, C P Anilkumar, S Antony and G Renuka Physica Scripta (2006)  73 389 – 392.
  5. Red rain phenomenon of Kerala and its possible extraterrestrial Origin, Godfrey  Louis and A. Santhosh Kumar,    Astrophysics and Space Science Volume 302, Numbers 1-4, 175 – 187( 2006)
  6. Varghese, AC; Menon, CS, Conduction in magnesium phthalocyanine thin films with aluminium electrodes, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B, 52 (2006)465.
  7. Varghese, AC; Menon, CS, Influence of iodine on the electrical properties of nickel phthalocyanines thin film devices, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 41 (2006) 3521.
  8. Varghese, AC; Menon, CS, Influence of iodine on the electrical properties of magnesium phthalocyanines thin film devices, CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 4 (2006) 20.
  9. Varghese, AC; Menon, CS, Electrical properties of nickel phthalocyanine thin films using gold and lead electrodes, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS, 17 (2006) 149.
  10. Sreejith K.Pisharady, S.Menon and C.Sudarsanakumar Electrical properties of Schottky diodes based on Carbazole  J.Mater. Sci. 41 (2006) 2417.
  11. Sreejith K Pisharady, S.Menon, C.Sudarsanakumar and T.G.Gopinathan, Effect of air annealing on the optical electrical and structural properties of  carbazole thin films   Mat.Chem. Phy. 100 (2006) 147.


List of Papers published during 2007

  1. Stability  of the lower hybrid drift wave in a multi-ion plasma Chandu Venugopal, M J Kurian, V K Premnadh and G Renuka  Ind. J  Phys. (2007)  81 445 –  453
  2. Stability of the lower hybrid instability  excited by longitudinal currents in a multi-ion collisional plasma Chandu Venugopal, M J Kurian, S Antony  C P Anilkumar and G Renuka Physica Scripta (2007)  75  682 – 685
  3. Gijo Jose, Cyriac Joseph, M A Ittyachen and N V Unnikrishnan   Structural and Optical Characterization of CdSe Nanocrystallites/ Rare Earth Ions in Sol – Gel Glasses,  Mat.. 29 (2007) 1495-1500
  4. Toney Fernandez, Gijo Jose, Siby Mathew, Unnikrishnan N V, A New Sol-Gel Route to Titanosilicate Glasses for Integrated Optics Applications J.Solgel.Sci.Tech 41 (2007) 163.
  5. Siby Mathew, Rejikumar P R, Xavier Joseph and N V Unnikrishnan, Optical Studies on Eu3+/ZnSe nanocrystal in Silica Hosts, Opt. Mat. 29 (2007) 1689.
  6. Amrutha K Adiyodi, Jyothy. P.V, Toney. T.F, Gijo Jose & N V Unnikrishnan Spectroscopic Analysis of Sm3+ Ions in PVA Films J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mat. Rapid Commun 1 (2007)281.
  7. Mammen Samuel, S.Menon, N.V.Unnikrishnan, Transport properties of as-deposited Cadmium Pthalocyanine Schottky barrier devices. Mater.Sci Poland 25 (2007)177.
  8. I. Paulose, Vinoy Thomas, Gijo Jose & N.V Unnikrishnan Relaxation and energy transfer kinetics of Sm3+:Ce3+ system in CaS phosphors J.Lumin 127 (2007) 583.
  9. Rajesh, KR; Varghese, S; Menon, CS, Determination of electrical and solar cell parameters of FTO/CuPc/Al Schottky devices, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS, 68 (2007) 556.
  10. Jayachandran, K. P.; Menon, C. S, Nonlinear elastic properties of La1.8Sr0.2CuO4 under pressure, PHYSICA C-SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 454 (2007) 27
  11. Varghese, AC; Menon, CS, Electrical properties of iron phthalocyanine thin film device using gold and aluminium electrodes   Mater. Sci. mater. In electron, 18 (2007) 587           592
  12. Rajesh, KR; Menon, CS, Study on the device characteristics of FePc and FePcCl organic thin film Schottky diodes: Influence of oxygen and post deposition annealing, J. Non- crys. Solids, 353 (2007) 398.
  13. C Regimol, C S Menon ,Effect of annealing and γ irradiation on tin phthalocyanine thin films, Materials Science-Poland,25(2007)3.
  14. Growth and Characterization of Gadolinium Samarium Oxalate single crystals Ignatius Korah, Cyriac Joseph and M A Ittyachen      Crystal research and Technology 42 (2007) 939
  15. Mathew, C.Sudarsanakumar and C.S.Menon. Optical, electrical and structural characterization of gallium phthalocyanine  chloride thin films. Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid Communications Vol.11,   (2007), 614.
  16. Susan Mathew, S.Menon and C.Sudarsanakumar Effect of annealing on the electrical properties of gallium phthalocyanine chloride  thin  films Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid Communications Vol.1,  (2007),  339.


 List of Papers published during 2008

  1. Stability of current driven electrostatic waves in a magnetized and collisional negative ion plasma Chandu Venugopal, Anu Varghese, Jyothi S, Molly Issac and G Renuka Physica Scripta  (2008) 78 045501
  2. Toney Fernandez, Samersen U K, Xavier Joseph & Unnikrishnan N V Non-hydrolytic Sol gel Synthesis and characterization of Eosin-Y Doped Titanosilicate Thin films for Waveguiding applications J.Mat.Proc.Tech 202(2008)528).
  3. Siby Mathew, Rejikumar P R, Jaimon Yahannan, K T Mathew and N V Unnikrishnan Microwave Studies on the Dielectric Properties of Sm3+ and Sm3+/CdTe Doped Sol-Gel Silica Glasses J.Alloys. Comp. 462 (2008)456.
  4. Cluster formation probability for molecular clouds and the Larson density size relation Saneesh P.T., Indulekha K.          Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India   25S  (2008) 57S
  5. IMF as a cosequence of the density fields in Molecular Clouds          Abraham Noble P., Indulekha K.,          Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India 25S  (2008)  57A
  6. C Regimol,C.S Menon Preparation and characterization of thermally evaporated titanium phthalocyanine dichloride thin films, J. Phy. Chem. solids 69(2008) 2858-2863
  7. Jaseentha O.P, S Menon, Characterization of optical, electrical and structural properties of silverphthalocyanine thin films ,J. Mater. Sci. mater. In electron,19(2008) 602-606.
  8. Jeevan Job Thomas and Nandakumar Kalarikkal Magnetic Study on Ni-Zn Ferrite nanosystems using VSM, Indian Journal of Cryogenics, 33. No. 2 – 4 (2008)
  9. Jayasree, R. Ratheesh, V.P. Mahadevan Pillai, V.U. Nayar, Reji Philip, V.Ganesan, V.R.Reddy and C.Sudarsanakumar,       Effect of annealing and background reaction atmosphere on the structural,  morphological and optical characteristics of potassium lithium niobate thin films  on glass substrate        prepared using Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique.       Thin Solid Films, 517, (2008) 603.
  10. Joseph Nirmala, N.V.Unnikrishnan,  C.V.Asokan, E.R.Anabha and  Sudarsanakumar, Structure reports on2,-[2-[4-Methylbenzoyl)-3-3bis (methylsulfanyl)-prop-2-enylidene]malononitrile.    Acta Cryst.  E64, (2008) O592.
  11. Pisharady Sreejith, C.S.Menon and C.Sudarsanakumar,     Electrical Conductivity studies on Carbazole thin films ,   Vaccum, 82 (2008) 1291.
  12. Susan Mathew, S.Menon and C.Sudarsanakumar, Effect of thickness on the absorption spectra of GaPcCl, SnPcO and AlPcOH thin  films,      Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid Communications Vol.2,  (2008),  349.
  13. Pragash, Gijo Jose, N V Unnikrishnan and C Sudarsana Kumar Energy transfer and thermal studies of Pr3+ doped Cerium Oxalate crystals. J.Mat. Sci (submitted 2008)
  14. G.Bubbly, S.B.Gudennavar, B.Varghese, D.Viswam and C.Sudarsanakumar Crystal Structure of 1,7-Bis(4-chlorophenyl)-4-(1,3-dithiolan-2-ylidine)-1,6-heptadiene-3,5-dione. J.Chem.Cryst.V.38, (2008), 641.


List of Papers published during  2009

  1. Apposite of atmospheric electric parameters with the energy coupling function   (ε)  during geomagnetic storms at high latitude C P Anilkumar, C Panneerselvam, K U Nair, C Selvaraj, S Gurubaran and C Venugopal Atmospheric Research (2009) 91 201 – 205
  2. Stability of electrostatic ion cyclotron waves in a multi-ion plasma M J Kurian, S Jyothi, S K Leju, Molly Isaac, Chandu Venugopal and G Renuka Pramana – J Phys (2009) 73 1111 – 1122
  3. Valsamma M Samuel, N V Unnikrishnan M A Ittyachen Thermal characteristics of Pure and Neodymium doped calcium hydrogen phosphate single crystals J Thermal analysis and Calorimetry 96 (2009)917
  4. P V jyothy, K A Amrutha, Jose Gijo and N V Unnkrishnan.Fluorescence enhancement in Tb3+/CdS nanoparticles doped silica xerogels .Flour. 19(2009) 165.
  5. Amrutha K Adiyodi, Jyothy P V and N V Unnikrishnan ,UV-VIS absorption and NIR stimulated emission of Nd3+: PVA films , Appl. Polym. Sci. 113(2009)887.
  6. Amrutha K Adiyodi, Xavier Joseph, Jyothy P V, Gijo Gose and N V Unnikrishnan, Dielectric and microhardness studies of methlene blue doped PMMA matrices.Sci. poland 27(2009)297.
  7. Toney Fernandez, Gin Jose , Michael Ward, K V Arun Kumar & N V Unnikrishnan ,Yttrium di silicate crystallites embedded porus sol-gel thin films for self cleaning displays, Appl. Phys. 105( 2009) 043513.
  8. Jyothy P.V, AmruthaK.A, Xavier Joseph, V.Unnikrishnan, Fluorescence Characteristics of Dy3+ /CdS nanocrystals doped silica xerogel, J .Phys&Chem.Solids 70 (2009) 927.
  9. Anisotropy in elastic properties of lithium sodium sulphate hexahydrate single crystal—An ultrasonic study George Varughese, A. Santhosh Kumar , J. Philip and Godfrey Louis, Mater. Sci., Vol. 32, No. 6, December 2009, pp. 621–626.
  10. DC conductivity studies in K3Na(SeO4)2 single crystals, G. Joseph, A. Santhosh Kumar, L. Iype, R. Rajesh2, and Louis, Cryst. Res. Technol. 44, No. 7, 759 – 762 (2009)
  11. Elastic study of Potassium Sulphamate crystal using ultrasonic Pulse Echo Overlap technique, George Varughese, A. Santhosh Kumar , J. Philip and Godfrey Louis, Solid State CommunicationsVolume 149, Issues 15-16, April 2009, Pages 645-647
  12. Dielectric and Conductivity Anomaly Near 370 K in Lithium Hydoxylammonium Sulphate Single Crystal, Kumar, A.S., Varughese, G., Iype, L., Rajesh, R., Joseph, G. and Louis, G., 2009, In Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics: Modern Perspectives, R.N.P. Choudhary and A.K. Thakur (Eds.), Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi, India, (In Press).
  13. Elastic constant measurements of super ionic LiKSO4:Na single crystals, G. Varughese, A. Santhosh Kumar, J. Philip, and Louis , Cryst. Res. Technol., 300, (2009) DOI: 10.1002/crat.200800475
  14. K.Varghese, R.Thomas, N.V.Unnikrishnan and C.Sudarsanakumar Molecular Dynamics Simulations of xDNA Biopolymers V.91(5) (2009) 351-360.
  15. Nirmala, N. V. Unnikrishnan, E. R. Anabha and C. Sudarsanakumar 2-[2-Benzoyl-3,3-bis(methylsulfanyl)prop-2-enylidene]malononitrile Acta Cryst. (2009). E65, o1727


List of Papers published during  2010

  1. P I.Paulose, Gijo Jose, and N.V.Unnikrishnan, Energy Transfer Studies in Ce:Eu3+phosphate glasses. J Non-Cryst. solids 356 (2010) 93.
  2. P R Rejikumar, P V Jyothy, Siby Mathew, Vinoy Thomas, N V Unnikrishnan, Effect of silver nanoparticles on the dielectric properties of Holmium doped silica glass. Journal of Physica B 405 ( 2010) 1513.
  3. Jyothy P.V, Arun Kumar K.V, Karthika S, Rajesh R V Unnikrishnan Dielectric and ac conductivity studies of CdSe nanocrystals doped sol-gel silica J. alloys & compounds 493 (2010) 223.
  4. Siby Mathew, Arun Kumar K V, Sudarsanakumar C, V P N Nampoori and N V Unnikrishnan, Local symmetry and Z-scan analysis of ZnSe/Eu3+ doped sol–gel silica hosts. Canadian journal of physics. 88 (2010) 493.
  5. RejiKumar P.R, Prathibha Vasudevan, Karthika S, George J, V.Unnikrishnana Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of Ho3+ in Sol-Gel Silica, Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials 12 (2010) 1065 .
  6. Arun Kumar K V, Rani N Panicker , K G Vasanthakumari, Satheesh Mathew, N V Unnikrishnan and N Raghu, Dispersion and rheological characterization of TiO2 tape casting slurry, Intl .J, Appl .Ceram. Tech. (Online published 2010).
  7. H. Al-Harthi, K. P. Revathy, A.K. George, M.E. Elzain, A.T. Al-Hinai, A. Mesli, N.V. Unnikrishnan, Self-assembly of TiO2 nanoparticles on native oxide terminated silicon surfaces, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and  Engineering Aspects (Online published 2010)
  8. H. Al-Harthi, K. P. Revathy , F. Gard A. Mesli , A. K. George, J. Bartringer M. Mamor , N. V. Unnikrishnan, Self-assembly of Silver Nanoparticles and Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes on Decomposed GaAs Surfaces, Nanoscale Res Lett: Nano Express (Online Published 2010)
  9. Jyothy P V , Rejikumar P R , Vinoy Thomas , Kartika S  and N V Unnikrishnan Optical Characterization of CdSe/Dy3+ doped Silica Matrices PRAMANA –Journal of Physics (In Press 2010)
  10. Low frequency electromagnetic waves in a multi-ion plasma Chandu Venugopal, M J Kurian, E Savithri Devi, P J Jessy, C P Anilkumar and G Renuka Ind. J  Phys. (2010)  84 319 – 324.
  11. Jincy Devasia, Biswajit Paul, Marykutty James, Kavila Indulekha 2010 Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 10  1127-1136 Variations in the X-ray eclipse transitions of Cen X-35.
  12. James, Marykutty; Paul, Biswajit; Devasia, Jincy; Indulekha,Kavila 2010 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 407 285 Discovery of a 0.02 Hz QPO feature in the transient X-ray pulsar KS 1947+300
  13. Rakhi, R.; Vijayagovindan, G. V.; Indulekha, K. 2010 International Journal of Modern Physics A 25 2735 A Cosmological Model with Fermionic Field
  14. Rakhi, R.; Vijayagovindan, G. V.; Indulekha, K.; Abraham, Noble 2010 International Journal of Modern Physics A 25 1267A Cosmological Model with Fermionic Field and Gauss-Bonnet Term
  15. Electrical conductivity of sulfamic acid single crystals Santhosh Kumar, G. Varughese, L. Iype, R. Rajesh, G. Joseph, and G. Louis, Cryst. Res. Technol., 1 – 4 (2010) / DOI 10.1002/crat.201000196
  16. Detection of elastic and electric conductivity anomalies in Potassium Sulphamate single crystal, George Varughese, A. Santhosh Kumar and Godfrey Louis, Physica B 405 (2010) 1813–1816
  17. Growth and DC Conductivity Studies of Tripotassium Sodium Dichromate Single Crystal . Georgekutty Joseph, A. Santhosh Kumar, Rajesh R and Godfrey Louis , Indian jour Physics (in Press)
  18. Low temperature effects on electrical and optical properties of TTBNc thin films References and further reading may be available for this article. To view references and further reading you must purchase this article.,I. Dhanya , , T.G. Gopinathan, Nisha S. Panicker and S. Menon, J. Non-cry. Solids, 356(2010) 160-164
  19. B Raneesh, A Pragatheeshwaran, P Dhanasekaran, P Chandrasekharan and K Nandakumar Synthesis and characterization of Silver –Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanocomposites and plasma effect, Journal of Ovonic Research, 6, (2010) p. 187
  20. Growth and structural characterization of Gadolinium Neodymium Oxalate crystals grown in hydro-silica gel Ignatius Korah, Cyriac Joseph and M A Ittyachen Journal of Minerals & Materials characterization & Engineering ( 2010)


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